Teen Alcohol Problems & Alcohol Abuse

Treatment and Parenting Help for Troubled Teens

A troubled teen's problems can be aggravated through alcohol problems and alcohol abuse. Parenting teens struggling with these problems is uncertain, difficult, and often chaotic. But teens struggling with alcohol problems are in need of immediate support and intervention. There are various programs for helping to end teen alcohol problems.

With proper intervention and your commitment, you can give your teen
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If Treatment Centers Drug-Test Their Employees ...

Might Parents Test Their Teens?

Adults are well aware that most professional workplace environments test their employees for drug use. They require pre-employment drug screening, reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing, random drug tests, and other forms of substance abuse intervention. Most adults consider alcohol and drug testing by employers to be a reasonable process for discouraging drug use, and for maintaining and improving upon a positive workplace environment.

Treatment centers (employed by parents to help teens who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction issues) have some of the fiercest drug and alcohol testing policies in the professional world. Their clinical, therapeutic, and residential staff members have regular access to prescription medication. And considering the level of care expected by parents, treatment centers cannot afford to have any of their employees involved with illegal drug use outside the workplace environment.

This is an important point for parents to consider. Many professionals working with teens who struggle with substance abuse have had, at some point in their own lives, issues with drugs or alcohol. Although this might provide students with a very valuable resource in facing their own addiction issues, it also presents a potential danger to the therapeutic environment: if any such staff members were to be actively engaged in relapse, such an employee would need to be identified quickly, and should be removed from the presence of the teen clients.

Obviously, pre-employment drug testing is required by all reputable treatment centers, specifically to avoid such an issue from arising among staff members. Nonetheless, beyond the walls of the treatment program, employees are free to live how they please. Ironically, even professionals who are recovering addicts can be "triggered" by addicts in treatment. Should such triggering take place, there is a possibility that solid, trustworthy employees, who passed pre-employment drug testing, might subsequently fail workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Ongoing substance testing in treatment settings is therefore, wise, mandatory, and a very important aspect of maintaining a quality treatment environment.

If you are a parent considering residential treatment for your teen, and your radar just went up then this article did its job. You should seek and expect a "clean" environment for your child's treatment. However, you should also expect the same for your own home. If you are dealing with substance abuse issues at home, the threat of treatment might get your child to alter his or her behaviors. However, you should take advantage of your teen's momentary willingness to cooperate with an agreement that "suspicion-based" and "random" drug and alcohol testing take place.

If such drug testing works in professional environments, and is an absolute requirement in therapeutic settings, shouldn't your family deserve the same level of defense? Just as professional therapeutic employers engage in workplace drug and alcohol testing, so too should the most important environment in your teen's life: your home.

This article was written by Avisha, a writer for Integrity Sampling, Australia's leading workplace drug testing and alcohol testing company, providing Australia with a wide array of services to businesses and organizations.

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Teen Alcohol Problems and Alcohol Abuse

Parenting awareness: Teen alcohol problems and alcohol abuse include: drinking that interferes with work, school, or home life; engaging in hazardous activities (such as driving an automobile, operating machinery, or fighting) while drinking. Teens may experience problems with the law, the family, and social groups.

InsightPros.Com advocates a graduated plan of intervention that begins with the home, then extends, as needed, to therapy, community, and out-of-home care. Regardless of the intervention level, a healthy parenting relationship is focused upon as the teen's most important authority-level relationship.

Parents seeking to help teens who are struggling with alcohol abuse and alcohol problems are uniquely able to understand the importance of InsightPros' Strong Model workshops. The process of interacting and intervening, eliciting strength rather than superficial compliance, is critical to helping a troubled teen experience long-term success in conquering alcohol abuse problems.

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