Not all therapists are alike. The ReFraming Parenting Program is based upon principles that work extremely well with therapists who have training and experience in family and relationship issues. We suggest you look for a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). An exceptional site through which you can search for a therapist in your area is

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Where is teen help greater? In, or out of the home?
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Where is teen help greater? In, or out of the home?
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The ReFraming Boarding School: Options for Struggling Young Adults
My child is older than 17 ..... A young adult .....
Is there a therapeutic environment for him/her?
Beyond Boarders Vocational School - An Independent-Living, Transitional Program for Young Adults, with Therapeutic, Academic, and Vocational Focus

Clients Served:  Young adults, male and female (Students must be 18-28 years of age.) Please inquire regarding schedules.

Duration:  9 months (longer only if requested and approved by the treatment team)

Parent Help, teen help, and BUSINESS Help?.....It all helps.
$2,750.00 (Monthly fee)

Services put ReFraming Parenting Program timeline on hold. See Benefits below.

     Academic, Therapeutic, Vocational, and Residential living

     Tracking is provided by experienced staff members who exceed all licensing requirements for this type of student monitoring (current background checks, various levels of crisis intervention certifications, and emergency medical certification)

Vocational Development:
1) Development, marketing, positioning, and management of an internet presence based upon student interests, including programming, design, product sourcing, merchandising, digital marketing, merchant accounts, fulfillment, etc.
2) Establishment and management of traditional checking and savings accounts, enhanced by education and implementation of investment accounts & investment saving strategies. Also includes real estate and finance education, as well as public speaking and presentation skills.
3) Education and implementation of technology-based asset and personal management systems (using internet, PDAs, software, etc.)
4) Career Orientation and Implementation plan established
5) Guest speakers, trainers, mentors, and hosts. Focus upon careers in the aviation industry, digital media (graphic design), internet, accounting, real estate, broadcast media, etc.

Academic Development:
1) Assistance with High School or GED completion where necessary
2) Enrollment in correspondence, internet, and/or live accredited college courses. Process overseen and managed by a licensed educator
3) Enrollment in vocational education courses, where student interest and aptitude warrant
4) Wherever possible, educational objectives are interwoven into vocational pursuits to help ensure student success upon graduation
5) Completion of Drivers Education (whenever possible)

Independent Living Skill Development
1) Focus upon personal and communal living space
2) Food budgeting, purchase, care, preparation, hosting, and sanitation
3) Personal Hygiene standards taught and managed
4) Physical education, training, and development

Spiritual Development
1) Individual and Group Therapy from licensed therapists, with focus upon continued addiction, behavioral, and/or abuse recovery
2) Consistent involvement in charitable volunteer work, supporting social programs, churches, special needs groups, etc., in human services work, beautification projects, etc.
3) Encouragement to be actively involved with a religious or social organization of choice (AA, Christian Services, Scouting, Boys & Girls Clubs, ethnic orientation groups, etc.)
4) Positive peer group involvement in personal progress reporting and acknowledgement, problem solving, assisting others, etc.
5) Therapeutic and residential focus on family unification and healing
6) Support of the family at home through extension of the ReFraming Parenting Program (provided the student was enrolled in the program at the time he/she chose to enroll in the boarding program). The ReFraming Parenting Program remains in full force for the duration of transitional services, does not exhaust time remaining, and continues uninterrupted after transitional care is complete.
7) Online community service as students use SIM technology for the following: a) students host chat forums for youth peer groups, serving both ReFraming clients, and the national/international community at large; b) students act as guests in parent conference and chat forums, providing insight and ideas to parents who are ReFraming clients, as well as adults in the community at large
8) Students are actively taught how self-management, care, and discipline, while remaining engaged in the health and progress of their community (self, group, and authority), contributes to personal satisfaction and success. The cultures, philosophies, and methods used to enhance this understanding include Positive Peer Culture, Life Space Crisis Intervention, and ReFraming principles.


$1,500 money-back guarantee for the ReFraming Parenting Program remains in full force, notwithstanding enrollment in Beyond Boarders

     The full $9,750 paid for the ReFraming Parenting Program may be applied to tuition in Beyond Boarders. SIM continues to honor all scholarship and other potential benfits afforded to its Beyond Boarders clients if they previously graduated from Insight Technical Academy. However, continued qualification for future benefits are dependent upon successful graduation from the Beyond Boarders Vocational School.

six-month guarantee on post-enrollment success, wherein the student does not return to pre-enrollment behaviors. The guarantee allows a 60-day return of the student to Beyond Boarders (as space eligibility allows) provided the young adult student agrees that a return is necessary. As part of this guarantee, parents are required to take a refresher course in ReFraming Families at no charge.

     The total cost of Beyond Boarder's services are precisely quoted, and do not deviate. The nine-month enrollment, along with the exercise of any guarantees, totals $26,750 ($2,000 sign-up fee included). Unlike other programs, in which length of stay, and cost of services deviate, the cost of Beyond Boarders is absolute. If the family opts to apply the $9,750 ReFraming Parenting Program tuition toward the cost of services, the total price is exactly $17,000. (Parents and/or students are responsible for living quarters, transportation, food, and medical expenses. Parents can only apply the stand-alone version of the ReFraming Parenting Program tuition toward Beyond Boarders.)

     Treatment still begins with the family, continues through out-of-home services, and finalizes with the family. Neither the young adult, nor the parents and family members are faced with deviations in treatment philosophy and application.

     Time frames of the ReFraming Parenting Program (12 months) and Beyond Boarders (9 months) are separate and distinct. If a young adult is enrolled in Beyond Boarders before completing the ReFraming Parenting Progam, all time remaining in the ReFraming Parenting Program will still be available after completion of the out-of-home services, even if fees for the ReFraming Parenting Program are applied toward tuition in Beyond Boarders.

     Beyond Boarders, in conjunction with the ReFraming Parenting Program, may prove more effective than traditional treatment. Together, they have a primary goal of keeping your family together, and actively seek to build, rather than fracture your relationship with your young adult child.

     The young adult is not "cured" by strangers. The family, as well as the student, become familiar with us, our program, our professionals, etc., and you understand the vital importance of the young adult's role in ensuring success.

     Parent support that exceeds anything offered in the industry today

     Scholarship Program - Beyond Boarders students, who are also Insight Technical Academy graduates, have a structured opportunity to continue working toward college and vocational scholardhips. The program itself will actually assist scholarship recipients with the ongoing requirements of the scholarship fund.
(On a case-by-case basis, SIM selects stellar Insight Academy graduates, who have continued on to succeed academically, vocationally, socially, and spiritually, and offers scholarship benefits to further support their ongoing success. Such candidates are strongly encouraged to remain involved in the SIM community so as to facilitate post-care monitoring for scholarship potential.)


The final outcome of Beyond Boarders is to develop the strengths, characteristics, and resources of the young adult to be completely prepared to continue in the path of success.

Every successful student leaves with the tools to succeed in life. They will be making money, pursuing careers, preparing for their future, etc., using a powerful set of skills that will follow them throughout their lives.

Insight Technical Academy graduates, who possess and maintain the ambition to continue toward higher education will have the very real opportunity to be selected as scholarship recipients from SIM. But more importantly, their ongoing success, which will qualify them for the scholarships, will leave them personally and financially prepared to succeed without reliance upon third parties.
Call now to arrange an interview with Beyond Boarders to consider enrollment of your young adult student: (866) 986-9643.