No Boot Camps for Boys & Troubled Teens

Don't Send Your Struggling Teen to A Boot Camp for Boys or Troubled Teens ... There are Better Options

Critical Note Regarding Boot Camps for Boys: Before ANY other intervention options are implemented for troubled teen boys we recommend a serious discussion with "Parent and Teen Resources." It's FREE. Simply call 1-866-798-2285 or click on the green "Please Help Me Now!" button on the right. Why do we make this suggetion? "Parent and Teen Resources" has more experience than nearly any other placement service in teh troubled teen industry AND both they and the founder of InsightPros (Michael Behning) strongly disagree with the intervention concepts of teen boot camps. There are better solutions. "Mis-placement" of a teen in an ineffective program costs money and valuable time. But worse, it occasionally results in the loss of the teen. Get teen intervention that works. There are better solutions than Boot Camps for Boys. We know the strengths and the vast weaknesses of residential programs (especially youth boot camps for boys). Before you throw your money into residential treatment take an honest look at your options. Contact us first ... Contact us now.

If your teen is struggling with behavioral, academic, emotional, or psychological problems, you are undoubtedly stressed. Today's media has glorified the idea of "hammering home" the concepts of discipline through boot camps for boys and troubled teens. Don't be fooled. There are better options. Teens who enter boot camps with emotional and behavioral problems rarely get the help they truly need, and may actually revert to even worse behaviors when they return home. Boot camps are NOT the best intervention option. We're here to help the parents, families, and friends of these teens to find better intervention.

With proper support and your commitment, you can give your troubled teen a greater chance at success ... for happiness ... for life.

Is your teen struggling with any of the issues below? Is your family life in chaos? Are you looking for residential intervention (treatment boarding school)? Get our FREE TEEN HELP consultation by calling us, or by clicking on the "Please Help Me Now!" button on the right*.

    Does Your Teen Struggle With the Following?

  • Family Fights, Arguments, & Controlling or Abusive Behavior
  • Complete Disregard for Your Rules
  • Won't Accept "No" For an Answer
  • Displays Abrupt Changes in Personality
  • Thinks He's Never at Fault - Shifts Blame to Others
  • Can't Control His Anger - Poor Emotional Control
  • Won't Accept Feedback - He's "Above the Law"
  • Manipulative - Pits Adults Against One Other
  • Sneaky Behaviors: Lying & Stealing
  • Complete Lack of Motivation - Lazy - Resists Tasks
  • Has an "I hate you," attitude
  • Has a "You can't make me," attitude
  • Involved in Substance Abuse - Alcohol or Drugs
  • Skips School or Classes - Truancy
  • Suspended from School - Authority Problems
  • Grades Falling & He's Not Concerned - Academic Problems
  • He Can't Keep Positive Friends - Peer Problems
  • Struggling with Legal Problems - Facing Justice
  • Involved in Fighting - Violence and Aggression
  • Subculture or Gang Involvement & Glorification

    Has there been a diagnosis of a disorder?

  • He's a Danger to Self or Others
  • He Runs Away or is AWOL
  • Conduct Disorder - Diagnosed or Observed?
  • Poor Choice of Friends - Easily Misled
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
  • Bipolar Disorder - Diagnosed or Observed?
  • Low Self-Esteem or Poor Self-Image
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
  • Depression - Diagnosed or Observed?
  • Attempted or Threats of Suicide (Ideation)
  • Drug Abuse or Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse or Addiction
  • Smoking or other Tobacco Use
  • Sexually Active - Risky Behavior
  • Cutting - Self-Harm or Mutilation
  • Adoption Issues - Associated with RAD
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)
  • Eating Disorder (Anorexia, Bulimia)
  • Learning Disabilities - Diagnosed?

If your teenager is struggling with any of these issues, get help now.
For residential placement and intervention call us or fill out our inquiry form that opens through the green "Please Help Me Now!" link (above right)*

Boot Camps for Boys are a Mistake

Often when teens struggle with the numerous issues they face in today's society they become, frankly, quite unpleasant. Thousands of families throughout the country have felt that the best way to get their troubled boys back on track is to send them to boot camps. The idea is to both "straighten them out" and to legally punish them in the most painful way possible. However, unreported in both the media and from these programs is the fact that there is very little statistical evidence that boot camps for boys have a long-term impact on the success of the child. In fact, there is mounting evidence that they are both ineffective and in many cases detrimental.

InsightPros suggests that you research all treatment and intervention options as you consider how to handle your teen's problems. The time taken to consider educational consultants, residential treatment centers, coaching services, etc., may save you tens of thousands of dollars. But more importantly, it may help you save your child, and plant the seeds for his long-term success. Don't allow the emotional trauma of the moment to get you to make a poor decision regarding your child. Become involved with our free services. Speak to coaches, consultants, and therapists. Find out the best way to save your son.

Are you familiar with all of the intervention options - beyond boot camps for boys - to help your son? How are you going to know what your son needs? InsightPros may have treatment options that can help.

Beyond boot camps for boys, what kinds of treatment will build the life changing self-esteem and confidence that your son needs to be successful for the long run?

A major problem facing boys who struggle with the issues listed above is low self-esteem or feelings of worthlessness.

Many, if not all, of your son's destructive behaviors could merely be symptoms of this one core problem.

Be certain that the intervention you choose builds, rather than destroys his self esteem, instilling life-long positive change by dealing with the core issues.

An abusive or overly restrictive setting may not build the confidence and self-esteem your son needs.

If your son exits a boot camp for boys with the same low self-image that he entered with, then he will continue to engage in the behaviors that validate his self image.

Many parents choose to pursue interventions that address the symptoms only. Attacking the symptoms will drive the destructive behaviors underground - only to resurface at a later date. This approach wastes valuable time and resources and may even make things worse.

You have made the right choice in seeking help. The next step is to contact us. We have vast experience in the treatment care industry. We have worked in the industry. We have lived in the industry. We have seen what works ...... and what doesn't.

We will guide you. We will inform you. Take advantage of our knowledge and insight. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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