Parenting Help for Child & Teen Sexual Abuse Victims

Are you working with a Teen Sex Abuse Victim? Help is Available.

Children and teens struggling with sexual abuse and victimization are not alone. Their families struggle. Their parents struggle. It entails a web of circumstances and effects that can be difficult for others not familiar with sexual abuse to understand. It also underscores a painful struggle for victims to maintain a sense of control in their lives as they seek help, and hunger for the power to feel whole again. Teens who have been victims of sexual abuse need both support and understanding from those around them. We're here to help the parents, families, and friends of these teens. On the right we have compiled options that are free and inexpensive, as well as those that would require a substantial investment in the future of your child.

Is your teen struggling with issues or symptoms associated with sexual abuse? Is your family struggling? Does your child exhibit any of the following behaviors? Follow the Steps on the right.

    Does your child or Teenager Struggle with the following symptoms?

  • Fatigue or Exhaustion
  • Substance Abuse
  • Enuresis (Involuntary Urination)
  • Encopresis (Loose Stool Leakage)
  • Drastic Change in Appetite
  • Complaints of Varied Illness (Somatic)
  • Bed Wetting
  • Nightmares
  • Extreme Heart Rate Fluctuations
  • Exaggerated, Intense Sensitivity to Threats or Danger
  • Easily Startled
  • Avoids Touch or Physical Contact
  • Reluctant to Disrobe or Undress
  • Excessive Masturbation
  • Detailed, Age-Inappropriate Knowledge of Sexuality
  • Sexualized Play
  • Attempts to Touch Genitals of Others
  • Regression to Younger Age-Level Behavior
  • Withdrawal and/or Depression
  • Excessive Anxiety, Irritability, and/or Fear
  • Excessive Guilt
  • Feelings of Helplessness
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Obsessive Ideas
  • Self-Hate
  • Abrupt Change in Behavior or Personality
  • Aggression
  • Excessive Crying
  • Over Compliance
  • School Adjustment Problems
  • Sudden Drop in School Performance
  • Temper Tantrums
  • Truancy or Runaway Behavior
  • Self-Mutilating
  • Suicidal Ideation, Gestures and/or Attempts
  • Flashbacks and Avoidance
  • Lack of Trust
  • Social Isolation
  • Lack of Friendships
  • Hyperarousal

Get Troubled Teen Solutions Now

If your teenager or loved one is struggling with the effects of sexual abuse, especially if this struggle includes the symptoms and issues mentioned above, get teen help now. From free services to complete intervention, vast resources are provided through the Steps found on this page (teen help, above right).*

Sexual Abuse (Victim) - The Parenting Relationship

Parenting Awareness: sex abuse victims face a storm of issues from the world within themselves, and often struggle with their ability to cope with the people and events around themselves. Solutions to their problems often seem out of reach, and indeed, some solutions may not be fully realized for years to come. Often when teenagers struggle with sexual abuse they develop behaviors that you may not recognize as associated with victimization. Difficulty in trusting adults (teachers, parents, family members, etc.) from an early age, may have facilitated the development of various sexual abuse symptoms, including a defiant disposition and low self-esteem. Regardless of what negative issues may have developed over the years, there is still a young person in there - very likely an intelligent young person - looking for real solutions to his or her struggles with sexual victimization.

Thousands of families throughout the country have turned to specialized schools - residential treatment centers - to help their children find answers to their sexual victimization problems, related behavioral issues, and experience academic success. Most of these schools are meant to help, rather than to punish victimized teens. They provide 24x7 supervision, guidance, and support. It is important for you to understand that such schools are distinguished among residential treatment centers as highly structured, though less punitive than traditional residential treatment centers.

Nonetheless, in the treatment industry there are many schools that DO NOT provide a high standard of care, not to mention effective academics for the abused child. These schools are avoided by InsightPros. Instead, we suggest a careful, intentional process in seeking help for any teen struggling with sexual abuse issues, working hand-in-hand with a licensed therapist. A school may be part of the answer. But it might be a mistake. Our services provide access to many professionals, resources, and information that can help you decide if a specialized school, outpatient program, and/or therapy is right for your teen.

But don't forget, regardless of what solutions you seek beyond the walls of your own home, those solutions will eventually need to make their way back into your home. You should seriously consider using The Total Transformation Program® to help make this process successful.

You have made the right choice in seeking help. The next step is to contact us.* We have vast experience in the intervention industry. We have worked in the industry. We have lived in the industry. We have seen what works ...... and what doesn't. Follow the Teen Help Steps, above right.*

Treatment specialists will guide you. They will inform you. Take advantage of their knowledge and insight. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

For enrollment of a teen in any school with which our specialists are familiar, follow the Teen Help Steps, above right.*

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